Square Metal Hinged Tins (12pk)

·  VALUE 12-PACK: Receive one dozen square hinged tins

·  STYLE: Square with rounded corners & beveled edges; double hinge back, snap-closed front

·  COLOR: Brushed silver

·  SIZE: 3.5 x 3.5 x .75 inches; CAPACITY: ½ cup = 4 fluid ounces (as in volume not weight as weight varies)

·  MULTI-USE: Use for geocaching, birthday, party & wedding favors, treasure box, small jewelry, mints & candies, emergency sewing kit or fishing flies, cosmetics, herbs and more.



4oz Square Metal Tins w/ View Window (12pk)

·  VALUE 12-PACK: Receive one dozen tins with lids.

·  CLEAR VIEW WINDOW: Pretty clear window top shows off your contents.

·  MULTI-USE: Great for jewelry, treasure boxes, office supplies, candy, tea, spices & more.

·  ½ CUP CAPACITY: Each tin holds ½ cup volume (an equivalent of 4 fluid ounces or 120 ml).

·  SIZE: 2.6 X 2.6 inches square; 1.4 inches tall.



4oz Metal Tins w/ View Window Lids (12pk)

·  SEE-THROUGH LIDS: Transparent acrylic lids let you show off your contents.

·  12-PACK: Receive one dozen tins.

·  CAPACITY: 4 ounces = ½ cup = 120 ml; SIZE: 1.75 inches tall by 2.4 inches diameter.

·  MULTI-USE: Great for pretty candles, candy & mints, party favors, and storing notions and stationery items.

Choose between 6pk or 12pk!



4oz Candle Tins w/ Slip Lids (12pk) 

·  SMALL SIZE TINS: Great for travel size & camping candles, candle tins are better than glass for beginning candle makers. (12 tins / 4oz capacity / travel-friendly / candle-making)

·  12-PACK: Value pack of 12.

·  MULTI-USE: Used for candle making, party favors, gifts, spices & herbs, balms & gels, geocaching, crafts, travel, storage & more.

·  CAPACITY: 4oz = ½ cup = 120 ml; SIZE: 1.9” tall by 2.5” diameter.


6oz Gold Tins w/ Slip-On Lids (6pk) 

·  GOLD COLOR: Attractive gold color exterior for that elegant touch.

·  VALUE-PACK: Get 6 tins with 6 slip-on lids.

·  SIZE: 1.75 inches tall by 2.75 inches diameter; CAPACITY: ¾ cup = 6 fluid ounces = 177 milliliters (capacity is by volume not weight as weight varies).

·  SLIP-ON LID: Easy use slip-on lid.

·  MULTI-USE: Use for party favors, candle tins, treasure boxes, jewelry storage, organization, office supplies, notions & much more.



8oz Candle Tin Jars (6pk)

·  GREAT FOR AT HOME SURVIVAL CANDLES -Medium 8oz candle tin, perfect as a survival candle tin.

·  MEDIUM 8oz CANDLES - Medium candle making tins, hours longer burn times.

·  6 COMPLETE MEDIUM CANDLE TINS - 6 complete medium tins, 6 tins, 6 lids.

·  BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL - Our six-pack of medium candle tins are perfect for putting a professional finish on your DIY candles.

·  SIZE: 2 inches tall, 3.1 inches diameter; CAPACITY: 8 fluid ounces = 1 cup = 235 ml



8oz Candle Tins, Wicks & Wick Stickers (12pk)

·  VALUE 12-PACK: Receive one dozen candle tins, one dozen wick stickers & one dozen candle wicks.

·  TIN CAPACITY: 8 ounces = 1 cup = 235 ml; SIZE: 2 inches tall by 3.1 inches diameter.

·  WICK GUIDE & FEET: Bottom has a marking to help you place wick & “feet” for air flow when in use.

·  MULTI-USE: Not just for candles! You can also store notions, make gifts, or do arts & crafts.

·  WICKS & WICK STICKERS: Also includes a 12-pack of wicks and a sheet of wick stickers.



8oz Metal Tins (12pk)

·  VALUE 12-PACK: Receive one dozen tins.

·  8-OUNCE CAPACITY: 8 ounces = 1 cup = 235 ml; SIZE: 2 inches tall by 3.25 inches diameter; WEIGHT: 1.4 ounce each empty tin

·  MULTI-USE: Use for candles, geocaching, cosmetics, gift packaging, party favors, slime containers, & more.

·  STORAGE TOO: Great to store small items like buttons & nails.



Black Double Seal Tea Canisters (6pk)

·  VALUE 6-PACK: Receive half a dozen tins.

·  BEST STORAGE: Double seal lids give you the airtight storage you need for your favorite teas both at home & on the go.

·  ONE CUP CAPACITY: Each tin holds one cup of tea leaves or tea bags.

·  SIZE: Tins are 3.75 x 2.6 inches in diameter. COLOR: Black tin & lid with silver lid rim.

·  MULTI-USE: Not just for tea, these also would make great stash jars, travel containers, or storage tins.



1.25 Qt. Twist-Top Metal Canisters (3pk)

VALUE PACK OF 3: Receive 3 canisters.

CAPACITY: 5.5 cups maximum (an equivalent of 1.37 quarts); SIZE: 6.5 inches tall by 4.1 inches diameter.

COLOR: Polished silver color exterior.

USES: Store tea, coffee, legumes, rice & more; or use for household storage.



Red Heart Metal Tins (12pk)

·  VALUE 12-PACK: One dozen heart-shaped tins.

·  COLOR: Bright red exterior with silver interior and rim.

·  STYLE: Slip-on lid

·  SIZE: 2.75 x 2.75 x 1 inch tall; CAPACITY: ⅓ cup = 2.6 ounces (volume not weight).

·  MULTI-USE: Use for candle making, arts & crafts, storage, party favors, Valentine’s Day, small presents, stocking stuffers & more



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