1oz Black Coated Glass Dropper Bottles (6pk)


TOP TIER OF ESSENTIAL OIL BOTTLING - UV resistant volcanic black glass essential oil dropper bottles keep out harmful light, your ultimate solution for bottling essential oils and blends.

BLACK COATED AMBER GLASS 1oz BOTTLES - These matte black-coated glass 1-ounce dropper bottles feature a glass stem dropper for handling all your essential oil bottle needs.

6 PACK OF BLACK ESSENTIAL OIL DROPPER BOTTLES - 6 pack of bottles allows for bulk packaging of essential oils, buy in bulk save big on your aromatherapy budget.

PROTECTS THE EFFECTIVE PROPERTIES OF ESSENTIAL OILS - Essential oils lose their properties when exposed to UV, however, sometimes they retain their smell, misleading you as to their potency after light exposure. Package in black bottles to ensure you get health properties and smells.

4oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottles 4pk


SET OF 4 COMPLETE 4OZ REFILLABLE GLASS BOTTLES FOR AROMATHERAPY, ESSENTIAL OILS AND MORE-Features 4 complete refillable 4oz amber glass bottles, with long glass stem dropper.

PERFECT GLASS BOTTLE FOR NEARLY ANY AROMATHERAPY PROJECT-Amber glass, glass stem dropper, liberal 4oz size, the ideal bottle for essential oil or essential oil blends bottling.

BPA Free, UV GLASS PROTECTS CONTENTS FROM POTENTIALLY DAMAGING LIGHT-UV light can damage essential oils, amber glass protects oils from the sunlight, thus prolonging the potent health benefits of oils.


GLASS DROPPER BOTTLES, GLASS STEM DROPPER-Glass dropper bottle, glass dripper stem, the perfect combo for nearly any dropper bottle need.